RSS Sehkaryavah Dattatreya Hosbale Held A Meeting In Rewari

RSS Sehkaryavah Dattatreya Hosbale held a meeting with the office-bearers in Rewari, the political mood of Haryana was also discussed.

The acceptance of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is no less. RSS is discussed in the house to house, but it is the duty of the volunteers to increase this acceptance further with their sense of service.

In the era of epidemics like Corona, be ready to assume the responsibility of disaster management like before in the third wave. The work of the country and society is the work of the Sangh.

This was the conclusion of the meeting of volunteers held at the local Agrawal Bhawan during the second day’s stay of RSS Sehkaryavah Dattatreya Hosbale, popularly known as Dattaji in the Sangh Parivar.

Seh Karyawah held consultations with the union representatives of the North Zone on Saturday.

From the point of view of the organization of the Union, the northern region includes the Union Territories of J&K, Ladakh, Delhi, and Chandigarh, besides Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh.

According to union sources, the political mood of Haryana was also discussed in the meeting and social issues of the state were also discussed.

According to sources, the movement of anti-agriculture law was also discussed in the meeting. The work of making an action plan for expanding the branches of the Sangh also progressed.

Sehkaryavah inquired about the functioning of the states related to the office bearers of the North Zone, but there was no serious brainstorming on any subject outside Haryana.

The Sangh is not worried about the inaction of branches in Haryana. The Sangh believes that as soon as the Corona crisis is over, all the branches will start with more enthusiasm than before.

According to sources, the Sangh considered all the issues related to it including vaccination during the Corona crisis. The role of volunteers was discussed.

There was a discussion on Corona through the Arogya Mitra Directory published by the affiliated organizations of the Sangh.

Tighten the screws on the farmers who jammed in Yamunanagar, case filed against 200 farmers including Bhakiu district head.

The police have tightened the noose on the farmers who blocked the district in protest against the lathi charge in Karnal.

Cases have been registered against 35 to 40 nominees and about 200 farmers for imposing jams at four different places in the district.

The drivers were harassed by jamming. Cases have been registered at Chhachhrauli police station, Sadar Jagadhri police station, Sadar Yamunanagar police station, and Farakpur police station.

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