Ministry Of Labor Asks For Views On Draft Model Standing Order

Ministry of Labor asks for views on draft model standing order for manufacturing, mining and service sectors.

The Ministry of Labor and Employment has sought feedback from partners on the draft model standing order for the manufacturing, mining and service sectors.

This will help the Ministry in fixing the service conditions and standards related to the behavior of employees.

The Ministry said in a statement on Saturday that under Section 29 of the Industrial Relations Code, 2020.

The Central Government has published a draft of the Model Standing Order in the official gazette for the manufacturing, mining, and services sector.

Partners can express suggestions and objections within 30 days on this. This draft order was notified on December 31, 2020.

The ministry says that for the first time, a separate model standing order has been brought in view of the need of the service sector.

In this regard, Labor Minister Santosh Kumar Gangwar said that these model standing orders will create a cohesion in the industry.

Their purpose is to formalize service related issues in a cordial manner.

The three model standing orders encourage employers to use information technology to provide information to their employees electronically.

The concept of ‘work from home’ has been formalized in the model standing order for the service sector.

The draft of the order for the service sector states that in the case of the IT sector, the working hours will be as per the terms of appointment between the employer and the employee.

Rail travel facility has been extended to all workers in the mining sector.

Expected record production of Rabi food grains including wheat in current crop year: Agriculture Minister

Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has expressed the hope of producing record-breaking production of rabi food grains including wheat during the current crop year.

In the last crop year, a record 1532 million tonnes of this season’s crops were produced. Tomar hoped to break this record this time.

For the crop year 2020-21, the central government has set a target of producing 30.1 million tonnes of food grains, of which the Rabi season crops have an estimated target of 15.6 million tonnes.

Tomar said that the country’s agricultural sector performed well last year, which led to a record production of food grains during the Kharif season.

He said that this year we hope to produce better food grains than the last Rabi season.

Farmers will also benefit from other recent efforts of the government, including two new agricultural laws on the marketing of crops.

The formation of 10,000 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), agricultural infra fund of Rs 1 lakh crore.

Tomar said that I hope that the hard work of farmers and pro-farmer policies of the Modi government will strengthen the agriculture sector. The sector will also benefit from new reforms.

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