Gold Smuggling: Smuggling Gold At Coimbatore Airport, Seized 6.62 kg Of Gold

Gold smuggling: Smuggling gold at Coimbatore airport, seized 6.62 kg of gold, worth Rs 3.8 billion. The IRS caught smuggling of crores on a flight from Sharjah to Coimbatore.

According to information, 11 passengers were stopped at Coimbatore Airport and 6.62 kg of gold was seized from one of them on Friday.

Officials said the total amount of foreign gold seized was 6.62 kg, or about Rs 3.8 crore.

The defendant is a resident of Kallakurichi.

After the gold was seized, the Coimbatore Financial Intelligence Agency immediately arrested the accused. Officials announced this on Saturday.

The detainee has been identified as Arjunan, 43, and resides in the Kallakurichi district. But officials said the incident was under investigation.

Gold worth Rs 3.32 crore was also seized on 8 March. Prior to this similar incident, a similar incident occurred 3 days ago.

On March 8, authorities arrested two passengers from Singapore at Chennai Airport. Both of these defendants were found to have been smuggling gold.

Officials seized 6.8 kg of gold from both defendants. The cost was 332 million rupees.

6.8 kg of gold was recovered.

Chennai Customs tweeted that according to information AI-347 and 6E-52 two passengers from Singapore were blocked by Customs on 23/03/07.

Gold weighing 6.8 kg was confiscated from both defendants while their luggage was being checked. Thus, the value of gold was Rs 3.32 crores.

He said the crores were returned/confiscated under CA in 1962. Pax has been arrested and further investigations are ongoing.

A flight from Bangalore to Lucknow crashed, revealing technical problems minutes after takeoff.

An AIX Connect flight bound for Lucknow from Bangalore made an emergency landing at Kempegoda International Airport 10 minutes after take-off due to technical problems on Saturday.

This was reported by a representative of Air Asia. According to the information received, flight I5-2472 was scheduled to take off at around 06:45 on Saturday and land in Lucknow at 09:00.

However, it was grounded minutes after takeoff.

A spokesperson for AIX Connect said: “AIX Connect has confirmed that the i5-2472 that was scheduled to fly from Bangalore to Lucknow encountered a minor technical problem and the flight was redirected back to Bangalore.”

“Alternative measures had been taken for affected passengers and steps are being taken to reduce the effect on different scheduled flights,” the spokesperson said.

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