21-Year-Old Sikh Woman Shot Dead At Gas Station In Canada, Accused Absconded

21-year-old Sikh woman shot dead at a gas station in Canada, accused absconded. In another targeted killing in Canada, a Canadian Sikh woman was murdered.

Mississauga police said 21-year-old Pawanpreet Kaur, a Brampton resident, was gunned down on December 3 at a Petro Canada gas station in the Britannia Road area at approximately 10:40 p.m.

Canadian police stated that after they reached the spot, the Sikh lady changed into affected by a couple of gunshot wounds.

Peel Regional Police stated he changed into taken to a medical institution but couldn’t be saved.

Police are searching out the suspect, who changed into carrying darkish apparel and fled strolling after the incident. Describing it as a deliberate incident, the police have begun out investigating the murder.

Police stated no weapon has been recovered from the spot so far. Last week in Canada, 18-year-antique Mahakpreet Sethi of Indian descent changed into stabbed to death in a college parking lot.

After that, the shop of an Indian businessman changed into ransacked and looted.


Pakistani embassy attack: Islamic State claims responsibility for the attack on the Pakistani embassy in Kabul.

Last Friday, there was a terrorist attack outside the Pakistani embassy in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. The Islamic State claimed obligation for the attack.

We are pleased to inform you that the organization has issued a statement claiming responsibility for this attack.

Pakistani Ambassador Ubaidur Rehman Nizamani was targeted in a terrorist attack. Nizamani narrowly escaped the attack but his bodyguard was wounded.

Attacks were carried out with medium-range weapons and snipers. Information about this attack was provided by the State Department.

Diplomats were taking a morning walk.

Pakistani mission chief Ubaidur Rehman Nizamani was attacked by unidentified gunmen while walking on the embassy grounds but was rescued by security agents sent to protect him.

Guard Israr Mohammad is seriously injured and is receiving treatment.

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