Tilak Benefits: Why The Tilak Is Applied On Forehead At The Time Of Worship

Tilak Benefits: Why the tilak is applied on the forehead at the time of worship, know its reason, importance, and rules.

Tilak Benefits in Puja Path: There are many such traditions in Hinduism which have been followed for centuries during worship.

Some of these are taking blessings by touching the feet of elders, blowing conch shells, lighting incense, etc.

All these also include ‘ Applying Tilak ‘, the importance of which has been explained in great detail in the scriptures. It is believed that no worship or ritual is complete without applying Tilak.

Along with this, Tilakabhishek is also performed for the deities during the puja. It is not only important from a religious point of view but scientifically it has also been told many benefits.

Many types of benefits are obtained by applying Tilak during daily worship.

By following this tradition according to the rules, the mind and brain remain calm and all the attention remains engrossed in devotion to God.

Applying Tilak along with this gives divine blessings. Due to this, all the works become successful.

It has also been told in the scriptures that applying Tilak helps in pacifying the fiery planets and in removing their negative effects.

Devotees can use kumkum, roli, yellow and white sandalwood, turmeric, or ashes for this.

Along with this, it is also a popular belief that before starting any auspicious work, tilak should be applied and God’s blessings should be taken.

By doing this the work becomes successful. At the same time, the obstacles coming in life go away.


Tilak gives health benefits.

Tilak is important not only from the religious point of view but also from the scientific point of view, this action has been described as important.

By using Tilak, the nerves of our brain remain in a calm posture and serious problems like headaches also remain away from it.

Along with it, it is also believed that applying sandalwood tilak to fever gives benefits to the person and keeps the body temperature low.

Along with this, some Ayurveda experts suggest that people who are troubled by insomnia or stress. They should massage the middle of the forehead and apply sandalwood tilak.

Along with applying Tilak, the concentration power of a person increases, and positive energy is transmitted in the body.

Rule of applying tilak.

Some rules for applying Tilak have also been told in astrology. By following which a person should do it every day.

Tilak should always be applied with the ring finger i.e. the finger next to the little finger. One should use the thumb while applying tilak on the forehead of others. This is the correct method.

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