Israel Strikes Iran’s Military Base: Air India Suspends Tel Aviv Flights

Israel Strikes Iran’s Military Base: Air India Suspends Tel Aviv Flights | Latest Updates.

Israel Strikes Iran: Stay informed on Israel’s rapid attacks on Iran’s military base, Air India’s flight suspension to Tel Aviv, and escalating tensions in the region. Get the latest updates here.

Israel-Iran War: Israel carried out rapid attacks on Iran’s military base, and Air India suspended all flights to Tel Aviv.

Israel has claimed to have attacked Iran and damaged its military base on Friday morning Indian time.

Israel carried out this attack in response to more than 300 drones and missiles fired by Iran on Sunday night.

But no high-ranking person from the Israeli government has taken responsibility for the attack in Iran, the attack has been claimed by Israeli media through government sources.

Iran has not taken this attack seriously. It is said that this attack has caused no damage. Iran has not expressed any intention to attack Israel in response to the latest attack.

After this attack, G7, the group of most prosperous democratic countries, has appealed to both countries to exercise restraint.

According to Iranian media, some explosions were heard in the Iranian city of Isfahan. These loud sounds came from Iran’s air defense targeting three drones.

Israel Strikes Iran: A senior Iranian official said this.

Iranian officials have not blamed Israel or any external elements for these drone attacks. There were no intentions to strike Israel in response to the event, according to a senior Iranian official.

According to Jonathan Lord, head of Middle East affairs at the American think tank Center for New American Security, Iran’s stance makes it clear that it does not want to exaggerate the Israeli attack.

Iran wants to destroy it by holding unknown elements responsible for this attack.

Israeli media made claims of an Israeli attack on seven cities of Iran including Isfahan on Friday morning, but over time, the tone of its claims started slowing down.

Iran has military bases in Isfahan, and nearby Natanz is the country’s largest nuclear installation.

By evening on Friday, the voices of both countries, which had been fighting a proxy war for decades, had calmed down regarding a direct war.

However, on the night of Thursday-Friday, Israel also carried out air strikes on Syria and Iraq.

It is believed that as a result of pressure from America and European countries, Israel launched a weak attack on Iran so that its announcement of a counterattack could be fulfilled without increasing the tension.

Holding Israel responsible for the air attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria on April 1, Iran launched a major attack on Israel with drones and missiles on April 14, but 99 percent of the weapons it fired were destroyed in the sky.

An Israeli minister said it was a powerless attack.

Israel’s Internal Security Minister Itamar Ben Givir expressed dissatisfaction over Israel’s latest attack. In his response posted on Twitter, far-right leader Givir described Israel’s response to Iran as powerless.

Iran will follow UN rules.

In the atmosphere of tension with Israel, the Iranian Embassy in New Delhi has said that the government of Iran will follow the rules of the United Nations and take constructive steps to enhance peace and stability in its region.

Air India will suspend Tel Aviv flights till 30th.

Amidst the ongoing tension between Israel and Iran, airline companies of many countries have suspended their airlines to both countries and their planes are taking routes avoiding the aerial borders of both countries.

Air India has also decided to suspend its flights to Tel Aviv till April 30.



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