Pakistan Got A Big Blow From IMF: Shahbaz Government Should First Arrange $ 8 Billion Says IMF

Pakistan got a big blow from IMF, which said- the Shahbaz government should first arrange $ 8 billion.

The IMF has requested the authorities to arrange $ eight billion to pay off its overseas debt below the 9th overview bailout package deal pending for seven months.

This was said on behalf of the organization on Saturday. According to the British news agency, IMF said the next loan amount would be provided only when the Pakistani government repaid its external debt.

A $1 billion employee-level agreement between the IMF and Pakistan has been pending since November.

But it is unlikely that Pakistan will receive a $6.5 billion aid package, despite Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates offering IMF guarantees.

This is because the IMF has repeatedly avoided providing installments. Pakistan’s road has become more difficult.

The Pakistani government has not discussed IMF requirements for repayment of foreign debt in the fiscal year 2023-2024. The IMF increased Pakistan’s external debt service from $6 billion to $8 billion.

At the same time, the government announced that the possibility of the ninth revision greatly decreased with this increase in funds.

At the same time, Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar issued a statement that Pakistan would not make a difficult decision at the request of the IMF.

Pakistan’s future is in the hands of the IMF.

According to the Pakistan Tribune, whether an agreement is signed at the staff level is entirely up to the IMF.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister issued a statement saying that we complied with the IMF’s prerequisites. Now we cannot meet the new conditions.

IMF Interest Pakistan is no longer avoiding donation repayment. At the same time, Pakistan is not focused on increasing its foreign exchange reserves.

Imran Khan lashed out after Bell, saying- only the judiciary can save democracy.

Former PM of Pakistan Imran Khan has said that only Judiciary can save democracy in Pakistan.

Addressing his supporters, he said that even after the Islamabad High Court granted me bail on Friday, the police wanted to arrest me. The police stood outside the court to arrest me.

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