Narco Smuggler Arrested In Poonch: Dramatic Cross-LoC Operation Unveils Shocking Drug Bust

Narco smuggler arrested in Poonch: Dramatic cross-LoC operation unveils shocking drug bust.

Indian Army foils a suspected narco smuggler’s attempt to cross the Line of Control (LoC) in Poonch, Jammu and Kashmir. Discover the details of the daring arrest and narcotics seizure.

A suspected narco smuggler arrested in Poonch had gone across LOC to collect the consignment of narcotics; injured by a bullet.

Smuggler Arrested in Poonch: Indian Army soldiers noticed suspicious activity by a person near the Line of Control (LoC) in the Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir.

The soldiers immediately took cognizance of the matter and opened fire to thwart any nefarious act of his. He got injured due to firing. According to the information, the injured person used to smuggle drugs.

The smuggler was arrested from LOC, and a packet of heroin was recovered.

Officials said the suspected drug smuggler was arrested and a packet of narcotics was recovered from his possession.

The soldiers have recovered heroin in the packet. He was trying to smuggle it. However, his efforts were dispersed in time by the soldiers.

He said that the incident happened late on Saturday night when the soldiers guarding the Line of Control noticed suspicious activity of a person in the Karmara of Gulpur sector.


Soldiers opened fire to stop the person.

On seeing suspicious activity, the soldiers had earlier warned him to stay back but he did not agree and tried to cross the border.

The security forces tried to catch him to stop any movement but he started trying to escape across the LoC. After which the soldiers opened fire to stop him.

He got injured due to firing. Officials said he was identified as Yasir Nazir, a local resident. Officials said that the accused had crossed the LoC to collect the consignment of narcotics.

Officials said that Nazir had been admitted to the hospital for treatment of bullet injuries while in police custody. After his recovery, he will be further interrogated in this case.

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