Gunmen Kill 14 And Kidnap 60 In Nigeria; France Recalls Ambassador From Niger

Gunmen kill 14 and kidnap 60 in Nigeria; France recalls ambassador from Niger.

In a tragic incident, gunmen killed 14 people and kidnapped 60 others in Nigeria. Meanwhile, France announces the recall of its ambassador from Niger. Get the latest updates on this developing story.

In Nigeria, gunmen brutally killed 14 people, and kidnapped 60; an Attack on a military base also said.

In Nigeria, there has been an instance of gunshot and kidnapping revealed. On Sunday, 14 individuals were shot and killed by gunmen.

Meanwhile, in northwest Zamfara state, at least 60 more individuals were taken hostage. This information was provided by a top news organization.

Armed gangs kidnapped 60 people.

Gunmen in three groups attacked the military base and Magami and Kabasa communities, abducting 60 people, mostly women and children, a local leader, speaking on condition of anonymity for security reasons, said.

Gunmen kill 14 and kidnap 60 in Nigeria: Armed gangs kidnap common people for ransom.

Meanwhile, a resident said gunmen tried to attack a forward military base in the rural Magami community of Zamfara early Sunday morning.

However, they were driven away. It is well known that armed gangs regularly abduct common people in Nigerian states like Zamfara for ransom.

French President: France will recall its ambassador from Niger, President Emmanuel Macron announced.

Nearly two months after the military coup in the African country Niger, President Emmanuel Macron announced on Sunday that France has decided to recall its ambassador from Niger.

He further said that our ambassador and many diplomats will return to France during the next few hours.

According to President Macron, France will also withdraw its troops from Niger in the coming months.

Ambassador and many diplomats will return to France: President Macron.

President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with French television that France had decided to recall its ambassador from Niger.

During this, he said that our ambassador and many diplomats would return to France within the next few hours.

He said military assistance to Niger had ended and French troops would withdraw completely in the coming weeks and months and even by the end of the year.


Niger’s military rulers welcomed.

At the same time, reacting to this statement of President Macron, the military rulers of Niger have welcomed this step of France.

The military rulers have also called it a big step towards sovereignty.

Earlier, military rulers had forcefully removed Niger’s President Mohamed Bazoum from power and asked French Ambassador Sylvain Itte to leave the country.

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