Haryana BJP Politics: Some BJP Leaders In Power, Organization

Haryana BJP Politics: BJP in recognition of ‘soldiers’ of power and organization. Senior BJP workers will get work soon. While someone will be made the chairman of various corporations and boards, most will be given responsibility in the organization. Party veterans have gathered to identify the ‘sepoys’ of power and organization.

There is intense brainstorming over who would be profitable to partner in power and who can be strengthened by joining the organization. According to sources, Haryana BJP state president OP Dhankar has started discussions with several senior BJP leaders including Chief Minister Manohar Lal. According to sources, the leaders who are expected to get the power (chairman) except in special circumstances, will not be taken into the organization.

BJP’s effort is to keep power and organization away from the shadow of regionalism and casteism. For this reason, every class will get proper participation. In the name of being opposed to each other, Dhankar will not let some leaders remain idle for a reason. All will be given work to the best of their ability. While senior activists who are deprived of contesting elections will get priority in the regional team or in power, relatively new energetic faces will be accommodated at the district level.

A general minister possible from backward class

Dhankar’s team is likely to be announced in September itself. According to sources, one post of state general secretary will be filled from the backward class. For this, discussions are going on in the names of some Yadav and Saini leaders. At least four people will be included in the organization from the entire Ahirwal from Gurugram to Mahendragarh.

According to sources, such synergy will be established between power and organization, so that every district of the state will be seen near the power. Like power, the Scheduled Caste will get full consideration in the organization. The general class including the Brahmin and Vaishya community will also get representation in important positions in the organization.

There are many posts of chairman

Presently, the posts of chairman of most departments are vacant. In the first innings of the Manohar government, about 50 people were appointed as chairman in various corporations and boards. This number has not even reached the tens.

According to sources, even after giving a proportionate share to JJP, BJP can give both work and pleasure by giving government cars to at least forty leaders. It remains to be seen whether the appointment of chairmen is done quickly or there will be a long wait of restlessness.

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