CM Gehlot Can Face A Lot Of Challenges In Future

CM Gehlot Can Face a lot of challenges in the future. Some issues of Rajasthan Congress can become a big challenge for CM Gehlot as it is difficult to satisfy everyone. The crisis of the Ashok Gehlot government after the political struggle that lasted for more than a month, however, has calmed down immediately. But the path is still not easy for Gehlot. Co-ordination between the legislators and the organization may be the biggest challenge for them. There is unhappiness in the Gehlot camp due to the return of rebel MLAs from the Sachin Pilot camp.

At the same time, Gehlot has also tried to convince the angry legislators by forgetting, forgive and go ahead. The question is whether Gehlot supporters will be able to forgive rebel MLAs after this message. The rebellion came to a halt after the intervention of the Congress high command, but the CM faces many challenges. While on one side they have to keep their supporting MLAs, on the other hand they have to fulfill the demands of rebel MLAs. Balance is the biggest issue before CM. Along with this, there are more questions which are no less than a big challenge for him.

How to fulfill the expectations of the pro-legislators

The biggest question for Gehlot is that in the era of rebellion, the pro-MLAs remained united. Because of which Gehlot’s chair survived, how to fulfill his expectations. It is clear that some of these MLAs would want a ministerial post and political appointment. There must also be a fear among the MLAs that the rebel MLAs may not get the posts they want.

How will the pilots along with their supporters be satisfied in the reshuffle in power and organization in the coming time. The Gehlot camp MLAs will object to these MLAs being given any position in the party. Giving a place in the party will become a matter of responsibility for Gehlot himself. In such a situation, it will be a big challenge for Gehlot to maintain balance.

Voices of protest may arise

Now, if the Pilot supporters get respect, then Gehlot supporters will be angry that those MLAs who have been in Jaisalmer or sometimes in fencing in Jaipur to retain their chair. In such a situation, it is clear that if the Gehlot supporters are not heard, then the voices of protest will rise once again in the party. By saving his government, Gehlot has strengthened his hold in the party. His height seems to be growing here.

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