JDS Cohesion In Kolar; Protest Against The Government

JDS cohesion in Kolar in the year after Lok Sabha elections; Protest against the government. The JDS leaders, who were scattered during the Lok Sabha elections, have now come together to protest against the government at the behest of seniors.

The JDS party has staged protests in front of the Kolar Taluk office in protest of the central government’s APMC Act and the state government’s land reform amendment act. Several leaders and activists including Kolar MLA Srinivasa Gowda, Vidhan Sabha members, Govinda Raju, Chaudhareddy, JDS leader Samurdhi Manjunath, and others were involved in the protest.

He shouted defiance at the government, alleging that the farmers and workers were disturbed by the central and state government amendment laws. The APMC, the Land Reform Act, is anti-farmer and demanded that the law be withdrawn. At the same time, the District Collector C. Rajendra had written to the government requesting the withdrawal of the Industrial Trade Act and the Regulation of Contract Workers. Satyabhama was given to him

This is the first time the JDS leaders have come together for the first time since the assembly and the Lok Sabha elections. During the Lok Sabha elections, some JDS leaders worked on behalf of the BJP which was a threat to the alliance. Some of the leaders who lost the assembly elections did not face the field. So the confusion crept into the party. However, in the wake of the call by the elders against the central and state government, all the leaders of the district have come together to show their solidarity.

Locals at the world’s highest quality “Wistron iPhone” manufacturing company, which will be commissioned in Kolar’s Narasapur industrial area JDS leader Samruddhi Manjunath has demanded 90 jobs. Already there are allegations that the company has employed thousands of outsiders. He warned that if this does not change, the party will fight fiercely.

Speaking at a news conference last week, District Collector C. Satyabhama said the iPhone manufacturing company will start at Rs 687 crore on 43 acres. He appealed to the KIADB for an additional 5 acres of land. % Of the company. He said 92 per cent of the jobs were reserved for locals.

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