Bowler Bowled The Entire Team For The First Time In Cricket

Bowler bowled the entire team for the first time, the world record is still after 64 years. It has been more than 140 years since the start of Test cricket.

In this format of cricket, a feat has been done twice, when the same bowler has dismissed the entire innings. The first time this amazing happened in the year 1956, while the second time this awesome happened in 1999.

The first time a bowler bowled out all 10 players of the opposition team, the date was July 31 and the year was 1956, and even today it is July 31, when we are talking about this world record.

You will be surprised to know that it has been 64 years to this world record, but no bowler has broken it. This record cannot be broken in terms of wickets, but by taking 10 wickets for less runs, this record can be broken.

Yes, a 5-match Ashes series was played between England and Australia in 1956. Before that series, the England team had lost two consecutive Ashes series, but this time England team was playing to save the Ashes Trophy in their host.

The first match of the 5-match Test series was drawn between the two countries, but Australia won the second match. In such a situation, Australia once again got ahead in the series, but in the third match of the series, England won and the series became 1-1.

The fourth match of the series between England and Australia at Manchester’s Old Trafford ground began on 26 July, ending on 31 July. During that time there was a break of one day in the match. Therefore the competition lasted for 6 days.

In this match, England captain Peter May won the toss and elected to bat first. The England team scored 459 runs thanks to strong innings of Peter Richardson (104), Colin Corydi (80) and David Sheppard (113).

After this, when the Australian team came out to bat, the team got a good start, but then bowled to Jim Laker. The batsmen of the Kangaroo team went to the knee in front of Jim Laker and the team was able to score 84 runs in 40.4 overs. The surprising thing is that Jim took 9 wickets.

The bowler, who took 9 wickets for 37 runs in 16.4 overs in the first innings, had created a record, because only one bowler did this before him. However, who knew that his best was going to come in this match.

Yes, in the second innings of the same match, Jim Laker sent all the players of the Kangaroo team one by one to the pavilion one by one and made the whole team their victim. After playing the follow-on, Australia was bowled out for 205 runs.

In this match, Jim Laker threw 23 overs in 51.2 overs and took 10 wickets for 53 runs. This is a world record till date. However, in 1999, Indian spinner Anil Kumble also took 10 wickets in an innings, but he spent 74 runs.

Not only this, the world record of taking 19 wickets in a Test match is also recorded in the name of Jim Laker, as he took a total of 19 wickets in both innings of the same match.

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