BJP MLA Performs Havan At 50 Places In Karnataka

BJP MLA performs havan at 50 places in Karnataka to drive away Corona.
BJP MLA Abhay Kumar Patil from Belagavi South Assembly constituency attended the funeral of the ‘divine horse’ along with hundreds of people in violation of Covid rules.
A day after that, Abhay Kumar Patil performed a havan at 50 places in his constituency.
Havan was conducted on Tuesday to kill the corona virus. Patil said that he believes strongly in the good effect of Ayurvedic medicines and Havan.
Hinduism has the answer to every bad influence. The corona epidemic can only be prevented by divine intervention.
This epidemic has killed countless people in a year. Patil said that you people may not believe in such traditions, but many people believe in it. This will hurt their feelings.
Abhay Kumar Patil  said the Havans were done on the streets.
Its smoke will not be a problem for anyone who has asthma or bronchitis or any patient suffering from chest related diseases. Then what is the problem for which it is being talked about.
He took Havan and said that it is a ritual; Those who follow it respect these things. You may want all the answers to pass the science exam.
BJP MLA performs havan: If you are a believer, havan is a science for them. Havan is a matter of faith. Those who believe it worship it.
He told journalists that those who do not like it will never understand its importance. So there is no question of arguing with you on matters of faith.
Patil, a three-time MLA from Belagavi South, said that he himself was suffering from this dangerous disease and he has a lot of faith in these rituals.
People should believe in these rituals to avoid the ill effects of such dangerous viruses.

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