Jacksonville Shooting: Racist Gunman Kills Three Black People In Florida Store

Jacksonville Shooting: Racist gunman kills three black people in Florida store. Jacksonville shooting: Racist gunman kills three black people in a Florida store.

A gunman killed three black people in a racially motivated attack and then killed himself in Jacksonville, Florida, the city’s sheriff said.

The man, described as white and in his early 20s, entered a Dollar General store and opened fire, triggering a standoff with police.

Sheriff T K Waters said two men and a woman were killed by the gunman, who wore body armor and left manifestos. Mayor Donna Deegan said it was a “hate-filled crime” driven by racist hatred.

The sheriff said the shooter – who has not yet been officially named – carried a lightweight semi-automatic rifle and a handgun.

He is believed to have acted alone and allegedly wanted to kill himself.

He lived in Jacksonville’s Clay County with his parents and left several messages about his intentions, Sheriff Waters said, including one to his parents and another to the media.

The sheriff added that at least one of the guns had a swastika drawn on it. The FBI has opened a civil rights investigation into the shooting, which it is treating as a hate crime.

The attack happened less than a mile from the historically black Edwards Waters University.



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