Maidan Box Office Failure: Ajay Devgan’s Maidaan Struggles Against New Competition

Maidan Box Office Failure: Ajay Devgan’s Maidaan Struggles Against New Competition.

Maidan Box Office Failure: Despite Ajay Devgan’s stardom, Maidaan faces box office struggles as new competition emerges. Get insights into its declining earnings and the impact of competing films.

‘Maidan’ failed at the box office, Ajay Devgan’s stardom could not sail through.

Now the time has come for Ajay Devgan’s Maidaan to bid goodbye to the box office. The business of this film, which has completed almost a month of release, is on the verge of ending.

Although Maidaan does some wonders on weekends, this time it is also difficult because a new film has entered the competition.

Rajkummar Rao’s film Srikanth was released on Friday, which will now eat up the little remaining business of Maidan i.e. it is certain to leave the box office.

Maidan Box Office Failure: The struggle started on the first day itself.

The journey for Maidaan has been difficult since its release.

The film chose the festival of Eid to hit the theatres, but in competition with it, Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff’s Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan was also released simultaneously.

The first blow to Maidan was received on the opening day itself because the film could do business for only around 6 crores in the initial days. After this, the earnings fell further on the very first weekend.

Maidan’s Weekly Business.

This struggle in the field continued for many days. If we look at the weekly business report, according to Sacknilk’s report, the film earned only Rs 28.35 crore in the first week.

After this, in the second week, the earnings decreased to around Rs 10 (9.94 crore). At the same time, in the third week, only Rs 7 crore came into Maidan’s account.

The condition of the film became even worse in the fourth week because now the figures have fallen from crores to lakhs.

Earned so many crores till now.

If we look at the latest business of Maidaane, the film earned Rs 45 lakh on Monday. At the same time, he earned Rs 50 lakh on Tuesday and Rs 45 lakh on Wednesday.

Now talking about Thursday, according to initial figures, the film earned Rs 40 lakh across the country.

With this, Maidaan has done a business of Rs 50.20 crore at the domestic box office in 29 days of its release. However, this collection is nothing compared to the cost.

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