United Nations Security Council Welcomed New Members, Ecuador, Japan, Malta

United Nations Security Council welcomed new members, these 2 countries got the opportunity for the first time.

UN Security Council New Members: Ecuador, Japan, Malta, Mozambique, and Switzerland were formally welcomed into the UN Security Council on Tuesday.

These nations had been elected unopposed in June for a two-12 months term.

Ambassadors from the five countries planted their national flags outside the council chambers on Tuesday along with other members.

Mozambique’s ambassador Pedro Afonso Comisario described it as “a historic date”.

Japan joins for a record 12th time.

Swiss Ambassador Pascal Berisville said he felt a “deep sense of humility and responsibility” as his country won membership in the UN’s most powerful body for the first time.

Malta has joined the UN Security Council for the second time, Ecuador for the fourth time, and Japan for a record 12th time.

China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States are permanent veto-wielding members of the United Nations Security Council.

At the same time, its 10 other members are elected by the General Assembly of 193 countries for a period of two years.


Considered a major diplomatic achievement.

For many countries, winning a seat on the council is considered a major diplomatic achievement.

This would have given importance to the global profile of the country. Small countries can raise their voice here on issues of international peace and security.

The Security Council runs peacekeeping operations. Apart from this, sanctions can be approved. Five new members replace India, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico, and Norway.

Their term ends on December 31. Other current members with two-year terms are Albania, Brazil, Gabon, Ghana, and the United Arab Emirates.

Cuban people will now be able to get US visas, the embassy has resumed the facility.

The US Embassy in Cuba is resuming visa and consular services on Wednesday. In 2017, all embassy services were closed due to health incidents among diplomatic staff.

This week, the embassy said it would start issuing visas to those in need. Priority will be given to Cubans in the US to be reunited with family. The decision now opens up more legal avenues for Cubans.

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