TN Government Is Looking For A Place To Hold Meeting

TN government is looking for a place to hold a meeting of the legislature. Echoing the corona, the TN government is seriously considering where to hold a series of meetings of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly with individual intervals. Speaker Danapal inspected the art gallery in this regard. As a precautionary measure against the spread of corona infection in Tamil Nadu, the legislature adjourned its session on March 31.

According to council rules, the winter session should begin by the 24th of next month. During this corona period, not only the public but also the governor, ministers, MLAs, celebrities, and various other parties were infected. With this in mind, an alternative location is being sought as it is not possible for the legislature to hold a series of meetings at St. George’s Castle with individual breaks.

In Tamil Nadu, it is not new for the legislature to be held in places other than Fort St. George. The council has met six times before. It was held at the Senate House of the Omanthurai Government Estate on Anna Road, Chennai in two different periods and for 2 years in the banquet hall known as today’s Rajaji Hall.

It was held once in the summer of 1959 at the Ooty Palace and once at the new assembly complex built on Anna Road, Chennai. The new building constructed in 1952 at the Omanthurai Government Estate complex has also been used for Assembly meetings. That is what later became the Art Gallery. In this case, the debate is over whether Corona can reconvene the Provisional Assembly in the Art Gallery.

Speaker Danapal and Secretary to the Legislature Srinivasan inspected the arena at Walaja Road, Chennai. Speaking to reporters later, Speaker Danapal said that no decision has been taken yet on where to hold the assembly. With space for a thousand people on the 3rd floor of the Art Gallery, it seems that the legislature has been scrutinizing whether it is possible to hold a meeting there with private space.

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