Jacket And Explosives Used For Fidayeen Attack Recovered

Jacket and explosives used for the fidayeen attack recovered from Abu Yusuf’s house: ISIS Operative Abu Yusuf. The Delhi Police and the UP ATS were also involved in the search of the companions of the Islamic States of Syria and Iraq (ISIS) operative Abu Yusuf alias Mustaqim arrested during an encounter with the Delhi Police’s Special Cell at Dhaulakuan in New Delhi.

Success has been achieved. After being caught by the Delhi Police, he used to mislead everyone by the name Abdul Yusuf. Later it is revealed that his real name is Mustakim and is the son of Kafeel Khan who lives in Badhaya village. During a search in his village in Utraula, Balrampur, police have also found a jacket designed for a fidayeen attack with a large number of explosives.

Uttar Pradesh ATS has recovered a large number of explosives and a jacket designed for alleged fidayeen attack during an investigation with the Delhi Police in Badhaya Bhaisahi village of Balrampur Utraula tehsil, the house of ISIS operative Abu Yusuf, arrested on Saturday from Delhi. Additional Superintendent of Police Arvind Kumar Mishra said that both terrorists Abu Yusuf and Mustakim are the same.

Two jackets used in human bombs have been recovered from a pond near the house on the terrorist’s spot. Along with this, explosive and objectionable literature has been found from home. With the UP ATS and Delhi Police, a conspiracy has been started to arrest those who came in contact with him. Abu Yusuf alias Mustakim aka Network caught in Delhi, Delhi Police was engaged overnight with Uttar Pradesh ATS.

Officers of Delhi Police and UP ATS have camped in Utraula itself. During this, Mustakim’s wife, father, brother, and children are questioned. Inquiries are also on the people raised from Utraula Nagar on his spot. On the other hand, the village is completely sealed. The villagers were also surprised after knowing his reality. For two years, the terrorist, resident of Bhedasi village of Uttaula area, was laying a pile of gunpowder disguised as Manihari. In Hassimpara Bazaar, the roots of terror were getting deep under the cover of cosmetic shops. Surprisingly, the local police did not even notice it.

Three people released after questioning

Police said that the three people who were picked up from Utraula Nagar have been questioned and released. There is a crowd of media persons in Barhaya Bhainsahi, the village of terrorist Abu Yusuf. The police force is present in the village in terms of security. There is silence in the village.

Search conducted in many houses

Abu Yusuf alias Mustakim had more to go to some of the houses in the village. The Uttar Pradesh ATS and the police searched the houses as well. Took some documents and mobiles of some people from here.

Wife told that there was suspicious activity for two years

Ayusha, a wife of Abu Yusuf, said that husband Yusuf has been involved in suspicious activities for two years. He used to take money from us and used to do the suspicious activity. Used to keep explosives at home. We did not tell anyone fearfully. When we came to know about the explosives being kept in his house, we also refused. There is a shortage of money at home. Whatever money we had, we used to spend it here and there.

When we said that you spend money in focus, how would the education of children be, then they used to say that Allah is the master. In this way, we used to postpone our talks. He was engaged in this work for almost two years. Were collecting goods. When we saw the explosive in the box in the house, it was also asked to remove it. Ayesha said that a knife, belt, and gunpowder were found along with the fidayeen jacket which exploded from the house.

Ayesha said that he was tough on me not to tell anyone. I am very sorry I have four children, where will I go with the children? This time, their mistake should be forgiven. He used to bring little tax items (ammo) for about two years and kept them in empty boxes. I do not know whether he took his training from a mobile or anyone else and for what he was doing this. He had no attachment to the Babri Masjid.

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