The Kannada Film Industry Is Also Under Siege

The Kannada film industry is also under siege in the case of drugs, actress Ragini Dwivedi’s house searched. Along with Bollywood, the Kannada film industry is also reported to have links to the drugs case. Its investigation has started. The death knell of actor Sushant Singh Rajput is now being implicated in the drugs angle.

There are reports of its connection in Bollywood as well as in the Kannada film industry. Its investigation has started. Now, in this connection, the name of well-known actress Ragini Dwivedi has also appeared. The Central Crime Branch is investigating the residence of Ragini in the case. Please tell that on 3 September, CCB had summoned Ragini in this connection.

On August 21, the investigation team in this case caught some high profile drug peddlers who supply drugs in Kannada film industry, since which narcotics investigation is going on, in which names of many celebrities have been revealed. According to media reports, after the arrest of Ragini’s friend Ravi, the name of Ragini was also revealed in the questioning. Therefore the CCB sent a notice to him.

Significantly, Ragini tweeted a few days ago about drugs. He wrote that the problem like drugs should be resolved soon. It is like a plague for our society. Congratulations to the Narcotics Department on getting the dealers caught and requesting that they go to the end of this racket for the good of all.

However, Ragini also added that dragging celebrities into it will make the racket alert and those people will hide. Our media is also paying considerable attention to this and is targeting Sandalwood on the basis of rumors. Talk about the issue. On the other hand, the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce called a meeting on Wednesday and announced that action will be taken against the actors if convicted.

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