Special Tips Will Be Useful In Increasing The Battery Life Of Phone

Special tips will be useful in increasing the battery life of smartphones, know here. A smartphone is a device that we use for everything from office work to entertainment. Due to this, the phone’s battery has more pressure, and its battery life is reduced. So today we are going to give you such tips here, by adopting which you will be able to increase the battery life of your smartphone. Let’s know …

Charge the phone with the original charger

Always charge your phone with its original charger. This does not affect the battery of the device. At the same time, the chances of the phone battery going bad decrease, and the battery life increases.

Remove the cover before charging the phone

Before charging the smartphone, remove the cover. Many times it happens that due to the cover, the charger pin is not connected properly, due to which the phone is not charged. Apart from this, the phone gets warm due to being covered during charging. This reduces battery life.

Avoid using fast charging and battery saver app

Many times people use fast charging or battery saver app to increase the battery life of the phone, but they should not be used. Because these apps are constantly running in the background, due to which the battery is used. It also reduces battery life instead of increasing.

Turn off location tracking

Keep location tracking off until needed. Because many apps keep tracking the location of the phone in the background, which increases its battery usage.

Charge at 20 percent battery level

The phone should be charged when its battery level is 20 percent. This does not affect the battery of the phone. Apart from this, you can also use the power saving feature.

Turn off features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Users often turn on or off options such as Bluetooth, WiFi, hotspot in the phone. This increases the battery consumption of the phone. Turn off these connectivity features if not needed, which will cost less battery.

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