South Indian Bank Gets World Book Of Records, 101 ‘Onjal’ Staged Ready

South Indian Bank gets World Book of Records, 101 ‘Onjal’ staged ready.

South Indian Bank has achieved the world record for producing the maximum amount of Onjal in Kochi. let us inform you that in Tamil, Onjal means swing.

On Sunday, South Indian Bank organized an event ‘Onnichirikkam Onjaldam’ in which about 101 onjals i.e. swings were decorated with flowers.

As part of the event, the World Book of Records team honored the officials of South Indian Bank with the ‘Staging and Swinging 101 Onjal’ World Book of Records award.

A large number of people celebrated.

A large number of people participated in the ‘Onnichirikkam Onjaldam’ event organized by South Indian Bank and gathered together to celebrate the event with unity-prosperity.

Explain that onjal means swings are made from wood and rope in a traditional way. For the first time, South Indian Bank organized the ‘Staging and Swinging 101 Onjal’ event at a single venue in Kochi.

MD of South Indian Bank expressed happiness.

Murali Ramakrishnan, MD & CEO, of South Indian Bank, said that due to new technology, think people have forgotten real happiness.

When we were all young, we used to swing happily in our days. South Indian Bank thought it was a good opportunity for us to be a part of society and wanted to bring back the genuine happiness that we all are enjoying today.

World record made of 101 swings.

Murali Ramakrishnan said, “It is a world record. All 101 swings were staged and many people participated in the swings playing together.

There was joy and solidarity among the people during the event. Seeing everyone participating together Naturally there is good fortune for all of us.

What is Onjal?

For information, let us tell you that in Tamil, Onjal means swing. Onjal is a part of a ritual at weddings in Tamil Nadu. In this ritual, married couples are swinging by sitting in a swing.

Women surround the swing and sing traditional songs. The Onjal tradition in Kerala is considered a different part of the Onam festival.

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