Police Investigation Revealed, A Threatening E-mail To NIA Came From PAK

Police investigation revealed, A threatening e-mail to NIA came from PAK, saying about the terrorist attack in Mumbai.

The threatening electronic mail acquired through the National Investigation Agency an afternoon in the past turned into despatched from Pakistan.

This has come to mild withinside the research of the Mumbai Police. This mail turned into despatched from Karachi to NIA.

A police investigation has revealed that both the IP address and the phone number from which the e-mail was sent belong to Pakistan.

Now many central agencies including Mumbai Police have also started investigating this matter. In the threatening e-mail, talk of a terrorist attack in Mumbai was mentioned.

In an email received by the NIA, a person who described himself as a Taliban had claimed that this attack is going to happen in Mumbai on the orders of Sirajuddin Haqqani.

NIA has notified all agencies, including Mumbai Police. Security agencies stepped in after receiving the notice.

Mumbai police have also tightened security at key locations including public places, airports, and train stations. In early January, there has been additionally the chance of a terrorist assault in Mumbai.

One person called the police control room threatening to carry out bombings at various locations in the city.

The threat has said that like the explosion in Mumbai in 1991, there will be explosions in many places and the whole city will be shaken.

At the beginning of August last year, there was a threat of an attack from November 26. This threat was received on the Mumbai Traffic Control Department WhatsApp number.

In messages received on WhatsApp from Mumbai traffic control from Pakistan number, it is said that if you track the location, it will show you are from outside India and the explosion will happen in Mumbai.

Along with that, it is also mentioned that 6 people will carry out this attack.

In October last year, Mumbai police received a threatening call from a stranger saying that bombs had been planted in different parts of the city.

According to police, a caller later claimed that three bombs had been placed at the Infinity Mall in Andheri, the PVR Mall in Juhu, and the Sahara Hotel near the airport.

When the Mumbai police searched, nothing was found. it became out to be a hoax.

In early January this year, the Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai received a threatening call from an unknown person threatening to blow up the school.

According to the Mumbai Police, a call was received on the landline, the caller claimed to plant a time bomb in the school. In the investigation, it turned out to be a fake threat.

Mumbai Police Commissioner Vivek Phansalkar assured the residents that they were safe. The Mumbai Police is committed to their safety and is fully capable of this task.

He said that such threats keep coming. We are always on the alert. We investigate when we receive threats. There is no danger in Mumbai. Mumbaikars don’t panic.

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