Seven Apps Of Government From Farmer To Common Man

Seven apps of government from farmer to common man. The government is bringing seven apps to make life after COVID easy. While developing them, farmers, laborers, and common people have been taken into consideration.

All these solutions are ready and Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has reviewed them for more than seven hours in the last three days. NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant and IT and Electronics Secretary were also present during the review. These include solutions such as KYC Setu, Kashi, Unnati, Swasthya, ULIP, Krishniv, and Samashiksha.

The KYC bridge is being brought to digitally complete the process of Know Your Customer (KYC) without showing any documentation. On Tuesday, Niti Aayog’s tweet said that if you want to buy an insurance policy.

you have to re-submit all the documents that are already with your bank. But now it will not have to do so. KYC bridge is being introduced to share your KYC digitally without any hindrance.

No information has yet been shared about starting Kashi (Cash over Internet). According to NITI Aayog, without the help of Kashi, farmers and laborers will be able to get loans in five minutes without any hassle. There will be no role of any agent or broker in this and there will be no risk in loan transaction.

According to Niti Aayog’s tweet, Prime Minister Modi said about KYC bridge and Kashi, “Both these products need to work towards enabling the street vendors of the country.

If we are able to get these street vendors free from traditional debt, then imagine how many people will come above the poverty line. ‘ The Unnati app will have information about working for the livelihood of 200 million workers through which they can get work.

With the help of a healthy app, you will be able to easily get treatment and provide medicines. While the ULIP solution will help in completely digitalizing the supply chain of the country, Krishniv will provide digital help to the farmers in the agriculture sector.

In order to increase the practice of education in a virtual way, education has been developed. According to the Policy Commission, data on these apps will be completely safe and data will not be available to any third party. These apps will be in English, Hindi, and other languages. These have been developed under a private-public partnership led by NITI Aayog.

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