Rahul Gandhi Questions Govt By Sharing The Graph Of MNREGA

Rahul Gandhi questions Govt By sharing the Graph of MNREGA – Will the government of suit-boot-robbery considers the pain of the poor.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has once again targeted the Modi government at the Center. He has asked, ‘Will this government ever understand the pain of the poor?’

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi questions once again the Modi government at the center. He cited the work done under MGNREGA (MGNREGA) in the country during the lockdown and asked whether this government will ever understand the pain of the poor?

Rahul has said that schemes like justice, along with MNREGA, are needed today to correct the work and their economic condition. Let us tell you that during the Lok Sabha elections in the year 2019, the justice plan was brought by the Congress, in which it was said that a certain amount of money will be given to the poor, which will make their economic condition right.

Sharing a graph, the former Congress president wrote – ‘It is necessary to implement a scheme like MGNREGA for the victims of unemployment in the city and NYAY for the poor people across the country. It will also be very beneficial for the economy. Will the suit-boot-robbery government understand the pain of the poor?

In the graph tweeted by Rahul, the data for seven years has been presented from May 2013 to May 2020. It has been claimed that where demand for work under MGNREGA was 25 percent in May 2013, while in May 2020 i.e. lockdown, the demand for work under it reached 175 percent.

MNREGA pulling out the poor from the ‘Prime Minister’s dug economic pit’: Rahul
Earlier in July, Rahul also tweeted on this issue. Rahul questioned the Coronavirus epidemic at the time of increasing demand for employment under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Scheme in the country.

Rahul claimed that the MNREGA is driving the poor out of the ‘economic pit dug by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’. He had tweeted that, ‘Modi ji ever said that in the MNREGA people are simply dug pits. But the truth is that the economic pit that Modi Ji has dug out of the poor today is the MNREGA. ‘

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