Sachin Pilot Returns To Congress After Leaving Rebellion

Sachin Pilot returns to Congress after leaving rebellion, know- the reason for reconciliation. In the political development that took place just before the Rajasthan assembly session.

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi and General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi called Pilot on Monday and held a direct conversation.

In this, the pilot opened the box of complaints against Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, while the high command gave assurance of finding a solution. The pilot also committed to continuing his political innings with the Congress.

The high command has also announced the formation of a three-member committee to look into the grievances of the pilots and their supporting legislators.

With this reconciliation, while the Congress has tried to keep the number game in the Rajasthan Assembly, the pilots, who are losing the support of their camp colleagues too, seem to be a safer option to stay in the umbrella of the party. In a meeting that lasted more than two hours, Pilot talked with the high command on the formula for the return of rebel MLAs.

Priyanka Gandhi, the main architect of the meeting, was not only present throughout this time but was also very active in removing the hurdles in the return of the rebels.

Party sources said that Pilot and his supporters would not get immediate post but based on the report of the committee formed to look into the grievances, the final formula for reconciliation would come out.

There is little scope for Pilot’s return to the dual post of Deputy CM and State Congress President, but options such as declaring the Congress as the CM’s face in the next election are open to Pilot.

Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal issued a statement late evening announcing that Sachin Pilot returns to Congress and gave a clear message to this effect.

According to him, the pilot met Rahul Gandhi openly and decisively on all complaints on Monday. Pilot committed during this time to work in the interests of the Congress Party and the Government of Rajasthan.

Venugopal said that after the Rahul-Sachin meeting, Congress President Sonia Gandhi decided that a three-member committee of AICC would be set up to look into the grievances of Pilot and dissident MLAs and resolve them properly.

Now this way will be found

The final formula for reconciliation will be decided on the basis of the committee’s report

  • Promise to give Pilot a position according to his reputation in Congress
  • Rebel MLAs will also get proper place in Rajasthan government and state organization
  • The possibility of re-appointing the MLAs sacked as ministers

Here is the reason for reconciliation

Gehlot needs rebel MLAs to remain free from power in Rajasthan. At the same time, returning to the party’s rut ​​is the best option for the pilots who are losing support of their camp MLAs too. There is no way for the rebel MLAs to retain the membership of the Legislative Assembly except with the party.

Pilot and Gehlot both happy

Venugopal Gahlot may have talked about drinking a sip of poison, but Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal says both Pilot and Ashok Gehlot are happy. He said, ‘This is a slap on the non-democratic face of the BJP. They were trying to buy legislators and topple the democratically elected government.

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