Politics On SYL Canal In Between The Govts Of Haryana-Punjab

Politics on SYL canal In between the Governments of Haryana-Punjab. The timing of construction of the SYL ie Sutlej Yamuna Link Canal, which has been the cause of dispute between Haryana and Punjab for the last 44 years, seems to be approaching. Although the Supreme Court has heard the decision to construct the canal in favor of Haryana in 2016 itself, neither canal nor Haryana is getting its share of water due to the negative attitude of Punjab.

Every political party of the state tried in its own way to construct the canal, but it cannot be denied that in these 44 years, nine chief ministers formed their governments 17 times by running their boat of politics in this dry canal. This is the first time after a long time when the BJP government led by Chief Minister Manohar Lal is not only making serious efforts to build the canal but is also not ready to give up its share of water.

The Supreme Court had directed the central government about two months ago to sit between Haryana and Punjab and find a solution through dialogue. If the two states are unable to reach a consensus on the matter, then the Supreme Court will issue the order itself, as the verdict has already been given in favor of Haryana. Now it is just a matter of implementing the decree, on which Punjab has screwed up and Politics on SYL canal continues.

At first, Punjab was not ready for talks, but when Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal took the initiative, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh Virtual agreed to come to the table of talks. The role of the mediator was played by Union Water Power Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat and Minister of State Ratanlal Kataria.

The view of Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh was also not surprising in the meeting. He reiterated in a very soft tone that Punjab does not have extra water to give and needs its share of water from the Yamuna. In response to this, the arguments made by Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal, Punjab finally had to say that it will first take all the political parties of its state into confidence, and then reach a conclusion.

However, this reply of the captain cannot be taken very seriously, because the decision of the 2004 government to cancel all the water agreements with Haryana was with his Congress government due to the state politics. Therefore, they cannot be expected to have a very positive attitude now. After all, they too have to answer to their state, but the same applies in the context of Haryana.

Manohar Lal also has to fulfill the promise made to the people of his state to construct the SYL canal. The way Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal has completed his legal, social and political preparations for the construction of the SYL canal, it seems that Haryana is neither retreating on any front nor with canal construction. -With its share of water is going to reduce the claim.

After a long gap of four and a half decades, after the Supreme Court’s directive to Haryana, there is hope of construction of the SYL canal and water in it. Manohar Lal gave various indications to Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, which means that Haryana is not ready to make any kind of agreement on the SYL canal, unlike the Supreme Court order in Surat. That is, he also needs a canal and all the water in it.

Manohar Lal bluntly stated that the construction of SYL and availability of water are two separate issues and not interlinked. Water will come in the canal only when the canal is ready. Therefore, the first canal should be built. There may be talk of water in it later. According to the 1981 agreement, water has to be allocated to the states based on the current availability of water. This means that if the canal is built, it will be Haryana’s biggest win.

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