Pilibhit Police Recovered Rs 1 Crore In 60 Hours

Pilibhit police recovered Rs 1 crore in 60 hours, 4 arrested from Uttarakhand. Pilibhit police arrested driver Sandeep Singh Yadav and his accomplice Shiv Singh, Bharat Chand, Dewan Singh from Khatima in Uttarakhand with a Breja car for Rs 1 crore 8 lakh 65500.

The Pilibhit Police of Uttar Pradesh (Piibhit) arrested 4 people within 60 hours in connection with the theft of Rs 1 crore and recovered the entire money.

Police got a lot of support from mobile surveillance in this operation. The police have arrested the accused from Khatima in Uttarakhand (Uttarakhand). The business class is very happy to see this police speed.

What is the whole matter

SP Enterprises, a major company in Muzaffarnagar, does a large business of iron bars and its traders are in many districts of Purvanchal. On July 28, the driver of this company went to Gonda and Bahraich to collect money with accountant.

From where these people were coming back after recovering that after stopping at a petrol pump in the Sungarhi police station area, the driver talked about getting punctured in the car and everyone got away from the vehicle and escaped with the money.

Police laid a trap in this way after the FIR
When the district captain came to know about this matter, he deployed the surveillance team and Sungarhi police station under the leadership of CO City Pravin Malik.

Police arrested the van driver from Khatima in Uttarakhand through mobile surveillance. Police also recovered Rs 1 crore 8 lakh 65500 along with Breja car UP-25C W0341 to driver Sandeep Singh Yadav and his companions Shiv Singh, Bharat Chand, Dewan Singh. Now the police are taking action against them by filing a case under Section 407/381/411.

The traders praised the captain

The business class of the city is also appreciating this excellent working style of the police. District President of the Board of Trade Afroz Jilani says that the result of the working style of the Superintendent of Police is that such a huge amount has been recovered.

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