Oppo Has Emerged As The World’s Top In 5G Android Smartphones

Oppo has emerged as the world’s top 5G Android smartphone company. Samsung, Xiaomi left behind, OPPO beats in 5G, know Apple’s ranking: Report.

At present, the demand for 5G smartphones is increasing rapidly. If we talk about 5G Android smartphones, then companies like Samsung and Xiaomi seem to be lagging behind in this list, while Oppo has sold more smartphones than Samsung and Xiaomi.

However, if we talk about overall 5G smartphone sales, then the first name in this list comes from Apple.

Although Oppo has emerged as the world’s top 5G Android smartphone company. This has been revealed by the report of market research firm Strategy Analytics.

World Ranking.

According to the report, 40.4 million Apple iPhones were sold in the first quarter of 2021. However, this figure is 23 percent lower than the fourth quarter of last year.

Oppo is the second-fastest-growing smartphone brand in the world. Oppo has sold a total of 21.1 million smartphones in the first quarter of 2021, which is 55 percent more than last year.

After Oppo, Vivo has been the company that sells the most 5G smartphones. Vivo has sold 62 times more 5G smartphones in the first quarter of this year than in the last quarter with a growth rate of 62 percent.

Samsung has been the world’s fastest-growing 5G smartphone company. Xiaomi has ranked fourth with a growth rate of 41 percent.

Apple’s growth rate was negative in the first quarter of this year compared to the last quarter of last year.

Who sold how many 5G smartphones (1st quarter 2021).

Apple – 40.4 million.
Oppo – 21.5 million.
Vivo – 19.4 million.
Samsung – 17 million.
Xiaomi – 16.6 million.

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