Nevada Province’s Move Deepens Dispute In The US

Nevada province’s move deepens dispute between union and state, Trump said – the matter will be taken to court. Citizens of Nevada province will be able to vote for the presidential election in the US in November via mail.

The Governor of Nevada Province has signed this law. Nevada’s move has intensified the politics in America. This move by Nevada has deepened the dispute between the Union and the state in the US.

One of the main reasons for this is that the US President Donald Trump has been opposing the vote in the elections. On the other hand, US President Trump has condemned Nevada’s move. He has announced that he will go to court against the decision of the state.

The Bill empowers the Governor to order the Secretary of State to adjust election procedures during a declared emergency. It passed through both the state Senate and Legislative Assembly on a party-line vote. Democrats supported the bill in the House and Republicans opposed it.

Conflict between Democrats and Republicans

Following this decision by the state of Nevada, there is speculation that there may be intensification in the US between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats have supported the move in the state of Nevada.

The party has said in a statement that this law will help election officials to deal with unprecedented situations caused by the coronavirus. This process is extremely safe and universal. In view of the spread of the Corona epidemic, this will make the process of the presidential election easy.

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has praised the Nevada province’s decision. He said that this threat from President Trump shows his frustration. Reid said in one of his statements that President Trump is threatening the lawsuit because Democrats have made it easier for people to vote.

President Trump opposes mail in voting

Let me tell you that Trump has been opposing mail-in-voting in the presidential election for a long time. He has consistently said that it is highly sensitive. There is a greater chance of fraud.

Trump had suggested that mail-in voting would create an unforeseen opportunity for foreign intervention in the presidential election. Foreign intervention will be dangerous for America.

He said Democrats talk of foreign influence in voting, but they know that these voting will give other countries an easy way to intervene in elections. Trump said the results of postal voting could be more frightening. America has seen its terrible consequences in the past.

Trump said in June that New York allowed voters to vote in the Democratic primary election for the party’s presidential candidate, but counting ballots has not been around for a long time. The result is still unknown.

President does not have the power to postpone elections

According to the US Constitution, President Trump does not have the right to postpone the election himself. It is mandatory to seek Congress approval to postpone the presidential election. Without congressional approval, the President cannot postpone the election or extend the deadline.

The President does not have direct power in both houses of Congress. It is worth noting that presidential elections are to be held in the US in November this year.

Both Republican and Democrats are voting to elect their respective presidential candidates. It is almost certain from the Republicans that Donald Trump will be the presidential candidate.

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