Myanmar Forces Killed 13 Protesters In Myanmar

Myanmar forces killed 13 protesters in Myanmar; 580 people have been killed so far. The repression cycle of the army continues in Myanmar.

On Wednesday’s demonstrations, security forces in Myanmar took action and killed 13 agitators. At the same time, many small explosions were also heard in the commercial capital Yangon.

The protesters set a Chinese textile factory on fire here. Meanwhile, the country’s military ruler has said that the Civil Disobedience Movement is ruining the country.

Let us know that since the coup on February 1, 580 people have been killed in the army action so far. Aung San Suu Kyi citizens were shouting slogans on the streets in the northwest city of Kale for the restoration of the government.

Meanwhile, security forces opened fire, killing 11 people. Two people have died in Bago near Yangon. Seven small blasts have also taken place in Yangon, including government buildings, military hospitals, and a shopping mall.

However, there is no information about anyone’s injuries in it. Now nobody has taken any responsibility for these blasts.

The US Embassy in Yangon said it had received reports that the bombs used in the blasts were made by hand and were not intended to hurt anyone.

Earlier, pro-democracy activists from Myanmar protested by spraying red paint on the streets of Yangon on Tuesday.

At the same time, many other groups have announced to boycott the water festival to be held next week. The Water Festival is celebrated as the Buddhist New Year.

It is known that many protesters dislike China because of supporting the military. Aung San Suu Kyi’s party won the election in November, but the army overthrew the country for a year in a coup.

Since the coup on February 1, nearly six hundred protesters have been killed in the army’s action so far, while more than 3500 people have been arrested.

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