Ajit Singh Murder Case: Secrets Of Dhananjay Will Be Revealed

Ajit Singh Murder Case: secrets of Dhananjay will be revealed shooter Rajesh, Lucknow Police will take custody remand today.

The shooter will be on remand to police custody on Thursday from shooter Rajesh Tomar, accused of killing Mau’s former block chief representative Ajit Singh. The accused has received a 20-hour remand.

According to Joint Commissioner of Police Crime Nilabja Chaudhary, the accused will be questioned about his links with Western Uttar Pradesh and Sunil Rathi.

Rajesh is close to the infamous Sunil Rathi. In such a situation, it is being ascertained who is involved in the Ajit murder case.

Police will also investigate Sunil Rathi’s connection in this case. Rajesh was injured in a gang-war shot, which was treated at the behest of the former MP.

Ajit Singh Murder Case: Police will take Rajesh Tomar to the places where he was treated. Not only this, but Rajesh can also be taken to the nursing home of Sultanpur.

Police will find out when Rajesh was in contact with Dhananjay Singh and what incidents he has done in the past. Police will try to recover weapons and Scooty used in the crime from the accused.

It is believed that Rajesh may also reveal the names of many others. Police suspect that others were also involved in the Ajit murder plot.

It is worth mentioning that on January 6, Ajit Singh was shot dead in a gang war near Kathouta crossroads in Vibhutkhand. Sarvesh Singh, Azim Azamgarh MLA, was a witness in the murder case.

In this case, the police had accused Dhananjay Singh of conspiracy. Dhananjay has a reward of 25 thousand and he is absconding due to the negligence of the police.

Mukhtar Ansari Ambulance Case: Court dismisses bail plea of ​​Mukhtar’s henchman

The bail application of Mukhtar’s henchman arrested in the case of the Ambulance case of Barabanki has been rejected by the Chief Judicial Magistrate.

Rajnath Yadav of Nirudh Mau in the District Prison had on Thursday filed a bail application on the CJM court through his lawyer.

Rajnath Yadav of Ahiruli Sarai Lakhsi of Mau was arrested by the police in a case registered in the Barabanki ARTO office for registering an ambulance of Shyam Sanjivani Hospital on the basis of a forged document.

Significantly, only Dr. Alka Rai was nominated in the case. Mukhtar Ansari was included under Section 120B for conspiracy to investigate after a team led by discretionary MP Singh.

Together, Dr. Alka Rai’s aide Dr. Sheshnath Rai, Mujahid, and others had increased the section to prepare misappropriated documents in the criminal conspiracy.

Not only this, but the team had also arrested Rajnath Yadav and sent him to jail. On 8 April, Rajnath applied to the CJM court for his bail, which was dismissed after the hearing.

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