Pakistan Bans Imports From India, US Refuses To React

Pakistan bans imports from India, the US refuses to react to any kind. US State Department spokesman Ned Price denied any statement when Pakistan rejected cotton and sugar import proposals from India.

He said, ‘I would not particularly like to react to this. I want to say that we will continue to support the direct dialogue between India and Pakistan.

In fact, in the recent cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, the government had approved the reversal of the decision on the import of the panel.

Pakistan bans imports from India: Earlier, Pakistan’s Economic Coordination Committee approved the import of sugar and cotton from India. Please tell that the inflation of these products has increased there.

In such a situation, it was decided to resume imports from India to deal with inflation, which was reversed by the Imran Khan government.

It is worth mentioning that in August 2019, after India removed Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan banned trade relations with India.

But now the new finance minister of Pakistan, Hammad Azhar, had indicated to resume business with India and said that the import of cotton and sugar from India.

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