More Than 53 Thousand Corona Patients Increased In A Day

More than 53 thousand corona patients increased in a day, the death toll crossed 45 thousand: Coronavirus.

Out of the total coronavirus cases in the world, India has 11% of patients. More Than 53 Thousand cases in last 24 hours are highest in the world, looking at the average of the past week, 63% of the world’s new patients have been found only in India (24.82%), America (20.64%), and Brazil (17.64%).

On Monday, the figure of Corona patients (Covid-19 Cases in India) reached 22 lakh 68 thousand 675. In 24 hours, More than 53 thousand new patients of Corona were found. There were also 871 deaths in one day. So far, 45 thousand 352 patients have died in the country from Corona.

More than 53 thousand new patients in a single day, this figure is the highest in the world. America has 48,810 new cases and 537 deaths, Brazil has 21,888 cases and 721 deaths. However, less than 60 thousand cases have been registered in India after four days.

There are more than 2 crore patients in the world. 50 lakh patients have increased in the last 20 days only. Of these, 9.72 lakh (19.44%) are from India. However, India has 11% of the total patients in the world.

Looking at the average of the past week, 63% of the world’s new patients have been found only in India (24.82%), America (20.64%) and Brazil (17.64%).

How many active cases now?
According to the latest information of the Health Ministry, there are 6 lakh 39 thousand 929 active cases of corona in the country so far.

So far, 45 thousand 257 patients have lost their lives. At the same time, 15 lakh 83 thousand 489 people have recovered from Corona.

The condition of the states most affected by Corona
On Monday, 9181 new cases of the corona were reported in Maharashtra. 6711 people were discharged from the hospital and 293 people died. In this way, 1,47,735 patients are now being treated in the state.

The death toll has crossed 18 thousand. So far 18050 people have lost their lives. However, 3,58,421 people have recovered.

In Tamil Nadu, the number of corona infects has crossed 3 lakh. So far, the report of 3,02,815 people in the state has been positive. On Monday, 5,914 new patients increased. Of the total infected, 2,44,675 people have been cured while 5,041 people have died.

The corona recovery rate in Delhi is now 90.09%. Now only 7.07% of active cases remain in the national capital while the death rate is 2.82%. In 24 hours, 707 new cases of corona were reported in Delhi, after which the total number of infected people increased to 1,46,134.

In Bihar, the number of corona infected has increased to 82,741. In the last 24 hours, 75346 samples were tested, resulting in 3021 new corona patients. Maximum 402 new patients have been found in Patna.

In Uttar Pradesh, the number of corona infected has reached 1 lakh 26 thousand 722. On Monday, 4 thousand 197 new patients increased in the state within 24 hours, while 51 infected people have died. The highest number of deaths occurred in Kanpur 9.

Death rate falls to 1.99% percent
According to the latest data released by the Health Ministry, about 23 lakh cases have been reported in the country. The number of active patients in these cases is 6 lakh 40 thousand. According to the data, the death rate has come down to 1.99 percent.

A quarter of the world’s patients are now only in India
Looking at the average of the past week, 63% of the world’s new patients have been found only in India (24.82%), America (20.64%), and Brazil (17.64%). That is, one-fourth of the world’s patents are now meeting only in India. Barring these three countries, only 37% of patients have been found in the rest of the world.

The matter of relief is that the average of new patients has not increased in the world since 14 days. WHO believes that the number of new patients in Brazil and America has stabilized, while India has been increasing steadily.

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