Janmashtami 2020 Can Become Ray Of Hope Amidst Pandemic

Janmashtami 2020 can become a ray of hope amidst disappointment, the teachings, and conduct of life by Shri Krishna in Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

Abhyaya sattva sanshuddhi jnyanayoga position:.

Danam damsha yagashcha swadhyayastap arjavam

Shri Bhagavan said – Absolute lack of fear, complete cleanliness of conscience, constant determination in meditation and yoga for philosophy, suppression of senses, suppression of senses, worship of Gods, Gods and Gurus and conduct of best deeds like Agnihotra and Vedas.

The reading of the scriptures and the recitation of the name and attributes of God, suffering for self-righteousness, and the simplicity of conscience with the body and senses, O Arjuna! All these are the symptoms of a man born of divine wealth.

Everyone has equal role

I remember one of Krishna’s Leela during the war of Mahabharata. The Mahabharata war was at its peak. Shrikrishna is the charioteer, Arjuna is making a ruckus in the battlefield with his fighting skills and rhetoric, stopping the arrows from all sides. Suddenly Shri Krishna said to Arjuna, “O Partha! My horses are tired, sweat is flowing like water.

I have to feed my horses. ”Arjun said,“ Sakha, this is a strange situation at the moment. We cannot stop the chariot ‘, but until Arjuna could speak further, Shri Krishna stopped the chariot and started wiping the sweat of the horse from his Pitambara. Started patting him. Arms started raining on Arjuna simultaneously.

He started calling Shri Krishna, but Shri Krishna said, “O Partha! Some water and rest were not given to my horses, they were not encouraged, if they did not give love, they would fall here. The role that you play in our war is equally important.

We are all equal. ‘In a short time, Shri Krishna climbed the chariot again and with this Leela, he gave the message that in our lifestyles, be it state, trade, war or any moment, always because of which everything Keep going smoothly, take care of them all because every person is playing their role in this living sacrifice. He is the best hero

A sense of surrender is necessary: ​​Shri Krishna is in the past, but always in the future. In today’s scenario, Shri Krishna would have talked about surrender, but which dedication? This time the dedication is not outside, but towards ourselves, each and every act, health, family, country.

We should not be devoted to the situation in the Corona era, but surrender to the responsibility of our obligations. This sense of dedication is true service. Every management guru gives a sutra, that sutra becomes the sutra of the society.

On the occasion of Sri Krishna Janmashtami in this Kovid period, what advice would have been given if Sri Krishna was the world’s largest management guru? That ‘rescue is the cure’. This will be our anointing of true devotion and true devotion to Shri Krishna on this Janmashtami. This time Janmashtami should stay at home so that the spirit of Braj becomes a lifestyle.

In our Sri Radharaman temple when Shri Radharaman Dev joins Darshan, it is still Mars and when the boards are closed, no one says that the boards are closed. Everyone says that the temple is still Mars.

Shri Krishna is very much loved by his devotees and on this Janmashtami he will give darshan to all the devotees through his devotion. Till now we used to go to temple and pilgrimage, but this Janmashtami make our house a shrine and mind a temple that Shri Krishna always dwells. Say Krishna Kanhaiya Lal’s Jai!

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