Mamta Government Has Appealed In A Two-judge Division Bench

Mamta Government has appealed in a two-judge division bench against the decision of the single bench in favor of Suvendu Adhikari.

The decision of the single bench in favor of Suvendu Adhikari was challenged by the Mamta government in the Division Bench of the Calcutta High Court.

The Mamta government has now appealed in a two-judge division bench against the relief granted by the single bench of the Calcutta High Court to Suvendu Adhikari in five cases.

Suvendu Adhikari is a senior BJP MLA and Leader of Opposition in the Assembly A single bench of the High Court on Monday completely stayed any coercive action against Suvendu.

Not only this but many questions have also been raised regarding the death of a bodyguard of Suvendu three years ago.

After this, on Tuesday, the state government has challenged the decision of a single bench in a two-judge division bench, which can be heard on Wednesday.

The state government has filed a petition asking why the action against Suvendu Adhikari has stayed.

A single bench of Justice Rajasekhar Mantha had on Monday stayed the three cases, including the death of the bodyguard, and said no coercive action can be taken against the officer.

If a new FIR is registered, then the information has to be given to the court first. Along with this, the Suvendu officer has also been directed to cooperate in the investigation.

Let us inform you that in the case of the death of Shubhbrata Chakraborty, who was the bodyguard of the BJP leader, he was summoned by the CID.

However, Suvendu Adhikari did not appear before the CID on Monday citing busyness.

In this case, the single bench of the High Court had raised the question that when there is no name in the FIR and there is no complaint, then why did the CID summon for questioning?

It is to be mentioned that three years ago police personnel posted under Suvendu’s security had allegedly shot himself. After this, the police closed the case calling it a case of suicide.

But, a few months ago, suddenly the wife of the said dead bodyguard lodged an FIR of murder, and the state government without any delay handed over the investigation to the CID.

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