Kolar MP S Muniswamy Has Blamed The SDPI And PFI

Kolar MP S Muniswamy has blamed the SDPI and PFI organizations responsible for Bangalore riots, demanded a ban. Terrorists were responsible for the riots in Bangalore. Kolar MP S Muniswamy has blamed the SDPI and PFI organization for the incident. Last week’s riots in Bengaluru were pre-commissioned, creating a situation where thousands of people were attacked and demolished by police overnight.

Speaking at a general meeting held at Kolar District Panchayat Hall, MP S Muniswamy said he was deeply offended by the riots in Bangalore. Terrorists are responsible for this act. As such, the organization of the SDPI and the PFI responsible for the incident must be banished. They have demanded compensation from those terrorists who have wrecked public property on the lines of the Uttar Pradesh government.

Meanwhile, MP Muniswamy, who spoke about elephant poisoning, said elephant attacks in the district are recurring. It is going on. Earlier, I had requested the forest minister to build an elephant corridor. However, this is not enforced in the corona background. Once again, the minister took notice and promised to take necessary action.

Congress legislator Akhand Srinivasamoorthy’s house was set on fire last week in Bangalore’s Kaval Bhairasandra, condemning the communal provocation posted on a relative’s Facebook page. D.J. The village, K.G. They also attacked village police stations and burned vehicles. They set fire to the streets and created an atmosphere of anxiety throughout the night. Police have opened fire on the incident, killing three. The trial of the case is still ongoing.

Meanwhile Police have arrested Wajid Pasha who is the President of Karnataka Tippu Tiger Alphat Trust. Wazid, who was associated with the JDS, was arrested by CCB police late on Sunday.

The arrested accused, Wajid Pasha has posted that Pulakeshi MLA Akhand Srinivasamoorthy was missing on the social networking site on day of violence. He also said that if police have to arrest any muslim ,they will arrest within 5 minutes but in this case, it took them 2 hoourd to arrest the accused Vijay. so far Police have have arrested more than 300 people in the connection with riots.

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