Kohli’s Performance Is Also Bad Like Pujara And Rahane

Kohli’s performance is also bad like Pujara and Rahane, but no one asks to drop him from the team – former Indian cricketer raised questions.

The pressure on both of them has increased after the way Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane performed in the first innings of the second Test.

Along with cricket pundits, cricket fans are also constantly demanding that he should be dropped from the playing XI.

By the way, even after the poor performance of Pujara and Rahane, former Indian team fast bowler Ashish Nehra is seen supporting them and believes that Virat Kohli’s performance is also similar.

There is no doubt that Rahane and Pujara are consistently disappointing in the middle order, but if we look at the statistics of the last few years, then Virat Kohli’s performance has not been much better than these two.

Ashish Nehra while talking to Cricbuzz said that if you look at the performance of Kohli, he is not much better, but people are not questioning his place in the Indian team.

Obviously, he is the captain and what Kohli has done is on a different level than Pujara and Rahane.

Although it is not fair to compare Kohli with Pujara and Rahane, when these two batsmen were also at their peak, they were second to none.

Let us tell you that since the beginning of the year 2020, Virat Kohli’s average in Test cricket has been 26.08.

He has not even scored a century during this period, while the average of Pujara and Rahane has also been around 25 during this period.

Kohli averaged 54.01 in Tests at the end of 2019, while he now averages 50.34 at the end of 2021.

This shows that their game has also declined. He also scored 35 and 18 runs in both the innings of the first Test against South Africa.

Gavaskar feels that the second innings of the Johannesburg Test match could prove to be Rahane and Pujara’s last innings.

But Nehra says that it would be better if you supported Rahane from the first Test itself. Give him a chance in matches too.

I agree that Pujara and Rahane are in big trouble, but a change in the middle order will be a big decision for this important series.

Although it is the job of the team management to decide on Pujara and Rahane, with the kind of batting they have, it seems that their future is not very good.

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