Kerala Govt’s Decision To Open More Liquor Shops

Kerala govt’s decision to open more liquor shops is not contempt: High court. The Kerala govt’s decision to open more liquor shops to increase revenue does not come under contempt. The High Court has ruled this by dismissing a petition. Explain that a petition was filed in the court, which cited the election announcements of the Left Democratic Front.

It said that the government had stated in its manifesto that the shops of the government would be reduced, on the contrary, the shops have been increased. On this, the High Court dismissed the petition, saying the government’s decision was correct and said that it is not a matter of contempt. The court said in its judgment that keeping all the rules and principles in mind, the opening of liquor or bars or parlor shops by the government does not come as a derogatory or a violation of statutory provisions.

The court further noted that since the state government may have a monopoly in selling liquor, it can adopt any method of issuing licenses to maximize revenue, as long as the method is discriminatory. It cannot, under Article 47, direct the State Government to enact a law which calls for a ban on the consumption of narcotics. The court said during the hearing that, as liquor shops/bars / parlors are opening in large numbers in the state, it does not mean that the fundamental rights of women and children are being affected.

When considering intervention by courts in economic matters, the public interest cannot be channeled only to the rights of women and children. The government’s decision to open more liquor shops cannot be called unconstitutional or a violation of statutory provisions.

Meanwhile, three people have been arrested for sexual harassment of minor girl in Kochi, search for remaining accused continues. Three people have been arrested for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in Kochi, Kerala. The rest of the people involved in the case are being investigated.

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