iPhone 14 Series Will Be Launched In September 2022

iPhone 14 series will be launched in September 2022. This cool feature will be available in iPhone 14, video and gaming will be funnier than iPhone 13.

The launch of the iPhone 14 series will be in September 2022. But before the launch, the details of the iPhone 14 series have been leaked.

According to which four models iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be launched under the Apple iPhone 14 series.

This time the iPhone Mini model will not be launched like last year. It is believed that the iPhone 13 Mini model did not get a good sale, due to which Apple has decided not to launch the Mini model.

Will get 120Hz refresh rate support.

According to analyst Haitong International Securities, all four models will support a 120Hz screen display. Due to which the experience of watching videos and gaming will be quite great.

Earlier, the 120Hz refresh rate was also supported in the Pro models of the iPhone 13 series. However, the rest of the lens found on the rear panel has not been disclosed.

Phones will come with a minimum of 6 GB RAM support.

Minimum 6GB RAM support will be provided in all models of the iPhone 14 series. 8GB RAM support can be given in the same Pro model.

The Pro model can be offered with 128GB and the Pro Max model with 256GB of storage.

The non-Pro model will come with 64GB of storage. Apart from this, 48-megapixel camera support can be given in Apple’s new iPhone 14 Pro model.

The expected price of the iPhone 14 series.

iPhone 14 – $ 799 (about Rs 59,000)
iPhone 14 Pro – $1099 (approximately Rs 81,000)
iPhone 14 Max – $899 (about Rs 66,000)
iPhone 14 Pro Max – $1199 (approximately Rs 88,500)

7000mAh Long Battery Life Not Guaranteed.

These days smartphones in India are usually being given batteries ranging from 3300 to 7000mAh. It is claimed by smartphone companies that a 7000mAh battery gives long battery life.

But do you know that only a 3,300mAh battery is given in iPhone? Then how the battery of the iPhone competes with the performance of the android smartphone to 7000mAh smartphone.

In fact, as an environment is created that a bigger battery means a longer battery. But that is not true. The long battery life of a smartphone depends on many things.

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