International Left-Handers Day 2020: World’s Best-Left XI

International Left-Handers Day 2020: Know about the world’s best-left XI on International Left-Handers Day 2020. Today i.e. August 13, Left-Handers Day is being celebrated all over the world.

This has been happening for the last several years, those who write, eat and play with the right hand (right hand), may not know about left-handers day, but those who are left-handed (left-handed) They do their every work, they will know that there is a special day for them, which they can celebrate.

Actually, on this day (International Left Hand Day) every person who takes pride in himself does all his work with the left hand. Therefore, on International Left Henders Day, today we are going to talk about the legendary players who have made a name in world cricket by playing with the left hand.

On this occasion, we will tell about the 11 legendary players of the cricket world, who played cricket with the left hand and made their name and place in the world. Three Indian players are also included in this playing XI.

Habitually people use their right hand, from eating and drinking to writing and playing, but do you have an idea that there are crores of people all over the world who use the left hand to eat and drink, write And tend to play.

Yes, the number of such people around the world is about 10 percent, who do their work with the left hand. In such a situation, August 13 is memorable for all of them.

There are many cricketers in the world, who have got their iron in the world playing with the left hand. You also know who these left-handed players are

An all-time left-handed playing XI has been selected on International Left-Handers’ Day, which includes one of the best left-handed cricketers. It has also given place to 3 Indian players.

Former captain Sourav Ganguly, batting all-rounder Yuvraj Singh and fast bowler Zaheer Khan. Playing from the left-hand side for India, these players have brought laurels and record in world cricket and set a record.

Talk of left playing XI

Former Indian batsman Sourav Ganguly has been named captain in this powerful and dangerous playing XI of left-handed players. Not only as a player, but also as a captain, Sourav Ganguly had won the iron of his captaincy worldwide.

At the same time, Sourav Ganguly has been selected along with Australian veteran Matthew Hayden as the opening pair of this playing XI. Both these players have scored more than 15 thousand international runs.

Sri Lankan legend Kumar Sangakkara has been ranked at number 3 in the middle order in the Left Playing XI, while West Indies great Brian Lara has been selected for number four.

At the same time, Kangaroo veteran Adam Gilchrist has been placed at number 5. Please tell that Sangakkara has scored more than 28 thousand, Lara has scored 22 thousand and Gilchrist has scored more than 15 thousand runs in international cricket. This is the reason that he has been given a place in the team.

Keeping the depth in batting, all-rounder Yuvraj Singh of the Indian team and Bangladesh veteran Shakib Al Hasan have been included in the team as an all-rounder.

Both these players have taken more than 10-10 thousand runs and 100-100 wickets. However, Shakib is far ahead in terms of wickets. The only spinner in this team is Daniel Vettori, who has taken almost 7 thousand runs and more than 700 wickets in his name.

Talking about the fast bowling department, it has included Indian veteran Zaheer Khan, Australian bowler Mitchell Johnson and Pakistani veteran Wasim Akram.

All these three bowlers have achieved more than 500-500 wickets in international cricket, bowling with the left hand. The role of the wicketkeeper in this team will be assigned to Kumar Sangakkara, as he has hunted more than Gilchrist in international cricket.

Best Left XI on International Left-Handers Day 2020


Sourav Ganguly and Brian Lara

Middle order

Kumar Sangakkara,Matthew Hayden and Adam Gilchrist


Shakib Al Hasan and Yuvraj Singh


Daniel Vettori


Wasim Akram, Zaheer Khan, Mitchell Johnson

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