Hearing In The Rajasthan High Court On 3 Applications

Hearing in the High Court on 3 applications, including withholding the salary of MLAs; The message of the rebels to the high command – neither Gehlot nor the pilot, make any third CM

Today is the 26th day of political upheaval in Rajasthan. Meanwhile, a big information has been revealed. It is being told that some MLAs of the Sachin Pilot group have sent a message to the Congress high command that they do not want to leave the party, but the face of the CM should be changed in the state.

He has demanded from the high command that if a third option is considered for CM other than Ashok Gehlot and Pilot, he is ready. On the other hand, hearing of 3 applications will be heard in the High Court today, in the midst of the fencing of MLAs in hotels.

The first is related to the demand to stop the salary and allowances of the Gehlot and Pilot camp MLAs. Vivek Singh Jadoun, who applied for the application, says that the state is not in a financial position due to Corona, but the MLAs are staying in hotels instead of going to their areas.

Second- MLA of Sachin Pilot faction is Bhanwarlal Sharma. He had put a petition for the cancellation of FII of SOG in the case of horse-trading. Thirdly, there is public interest litigation on the part of the Governor not to call the assembly session due for hearing. However, the governor has approved the session since 14 August. Therefore, this petition can be withdrawn or the court will return it.

In charge of Rajasthan Congress said – no one sent a message to the high command
Apart from Gehlot and Pilot, Avinash Pandey, in charge of Rajasthan Congress has denied the message to consider any third option. He said that neither the rebel MLAs met the high command, nor received any message. Anyway, there are no conditions for return to the party. First of all, they should apologize to the high command.

Gehlot said – 3 Union ministers involved in conspiracy to topple government
Chief Minister Gehlot said on Monday evening that a third attempt to topple his government had also been made.

It includes many leaders besides 3 Union Ministers. The Chief Minister once again targeted Union Minister and Jodhpur MP Gajendra Singh Shekhawat. Gehlot said that he became the new MP, soon became a minister at the Center and it was too early.

Now, no matter how much the party thinks about them, the public will not accept it. They are caught in the Sanjeevani Society scam and are plotting to overturn the elected government in the state.

BSP will go to High Court double bench in case of 6 MLAs
The BSP is currently on the single bench of the Rajasthan High Court in the case of its legislators who joined the Congress.

The party is considering whether to apply for a double bench, as the MLAs are in fencing. In such a situation, there may be difficulty in notice proceedings. On the BSP’s petition, the High Court has issued notice to the MLAs and sought a reply.

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