Telangana Minister Hit Back At Nadda Over Low Covid-19 Test

Telangana Minister hit back at Nadda over low Covid-19 test comments, affirm center redirected units.

Telangana Health Minister E Rajender on Sunday hit back at BJP President JP Nadda for reprimanding the state’s treatment of COVID-19, saying he made unjustifiable claims and asked the national party not to enjoy “modest legislative issues”.

Looking to reverse the situation, he blamed the Centre for occupying testing units implied for the state and giving just two lakh N95 covers and ‘a few’ PPE packs as though “it gave donations” while the state all alone acquired the vital contraptions to fight the coronavirus.

In an emphatic response daily after Nadda addressed “low” testing in Telangana, Rajender requested that he take a gander at the circumstance in BJP-governed states before condemning others.

“The Centre gave 2 lakh N95 covers and some PPE packs as though it gave donations. The testing packs implied for Telangana were occupied to Kolkata. We got 14 lakh N95 veils and 10 lakh PPE units all alone. After Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Telangana is dashing ahead in the medicinal services part. Telangana is a good example to the nation,” the Minister told correspondents here.

State Finance Minister T Harish Rao additionally hammered Nadda and asked how a previous Union Health Minister could talk in a tone “disparaging” the administrations of specialists and medicinal services staff.

Tending to a virtual assembly in Telangana on the culmination of one year in office by the Narendra Modi government in its subsequent term, Nadda on Saturday criticized the TRS government, saying it was not trying enough for COVID-19. The battle against COVID-19 had not occurred the manner in which it ought to be in Telangana, he had guaranteed.

The testing limit in the state was not exactly even a little state like Himachal Pradesh. A youthful writer in Telangana died because of a deficiency of oxygen, he asserted. “Be that as it may, Telangana pushed forward in debasement… There is debasement in each task,” he had charged.

Rajender said the center groups have acknowledged the Telangana government’s endeavors to contain COVID-19, including more than 13,000 dead the nation over however just around 200 in the state. “We have carefully followed all rules gave by ICMR… but governmental issues, BJP isn’t worried over sparing individuals’ lives,” he asserted.

“BJP should stop modest legislative issues. A Delhi head talking ravine (road) language is disastrous. Try not to make outlandish charges without proof. The center isn’t giving awards free. States are making good on charges,” Rajender said.

“Telangana has been fruitful in containing coronavirus. BJP should initially see its own (BJP controlled) states before censuring others. It was Telangana that previously identified the Markaz (Delhi) cases. The Inside bombed in that, however Markaz was only a short distance from Parliament,” he said.

He was alluding to the Tablighi jamaat central station in Nizamuddin in Delhi which ended up being a hotspot for the coronavirus in Spring with its individuals, who went to a meet, heading out to various parts of the state. Rajender kept up Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao was the main CM to look for a restriction on global travel to forestall the spread of coronavirus from outside nations.

Finance Minister Harish Rao said ‘politicizing’ coronavirus that has become a danger to human endurance was similar to belittling national security.

As on Saturday, Telangana recorded 7,072 COVID-19 positive cases and 203 passings because of the infection while the number of combined tests remained at 53,757.

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