Scientists Find Ways To Reuse The N-95 Mask

Scientists find ways to reuse the N-95 mask, can experiment 10 times after sterilization. According to scientists, sterilization of the N-95 mask by steam kills the coronavirus.

This way the mask can also be used again. According to the study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), steam sterilization of the mask for 60 minutes at 70 ° C does not harm its structure in any way.

The study’s co-author and Gregory Borschel of the Toronto-based Hospital of Sick Children stated that this low-cost process can be used 10 times without affecting the mask’s filter.

During the study, the researchers tested four models of the N95 mask at different temperatures and humidity. The researchers then evaluated the fiber samples of the mask and its function.

The study stated that after 10 times sterilization, not only the mask fiber was completely safe but also its filter was completely fine. Researchers believe that by using this technology in hospitals and other health centers, we can overcome the shortage of N95 masks.

Corona continues to wreak havoc worldwide

Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc worldwide. So far, over one crore 80 lakh cases of corona have been reported worldwide and more than six lakh 86 thousand people have died.

The United States of America is most affected by Coronavirus infection. So far, more than 46 lakh cases have been reported and more than one lakh 54 thousand people have died. Brazil is second in this case. So far, 27 lakh 33 thousand 677 cases have been reported here.

At the same time, 94,104 people have died. At the same time, more than 17 lakh cases have been reported in India and more than 37 thousand people have died.

The extraordinary steps has been taken to disinfecting and reusing some N95 masks, a crucial piece of personal protection equipment for healthcare workers caring for covid-19 patients.

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