Hardcore Naxalite Sub-zonal Commander Sunil Marandi Was Arrested

Hardcore Naxalite sub-zonal commander Sunil Marandi was arrested, and carbine cartridges were also recovered, which was going to result in a big incident.

Police and security forces of Bihar’s Jamui district have achieved huge success by conducting a search operation.

Naxalite commander Sunil Marandi has been arrested along with a deadly weapon carbine and several rounds of live cartridges.

In recent times, Naxalite commander Sunil Marandi was active in the border area of Jamui and Giridih districts of Jharkhand and was carrying out the responsibility of furthering the Naxalite organization.

The arrested Sunil Marandi is a special aide of Pravesh Da, the top leader of the Naxalite organization CPI Maoist.

According to the information, Sunil Marandi was given the responsibility of taking forward the organization after Naxalite commander Arvind and top leader Pravesh da fled from the Jamui area.

But, it is also known that Sunil became weak due to mutual opposition and forbidding people from joining the Naxalite organization, and got caught by the police.

Sunil has been arrested in a Naxalite uniform with a weapon who was trying to execute an incident.

Jamui SP Shaurya Suman was keeping an eye on Sunil Marandi, who was engaged in strengthening the Naxalite organization in the Chakai, Charkapathar, and Jhajha areas of the Jamui district.

Eventually, the SP and District Police succeeded in arresting Sunil Marandi, from whom carbines and cartridges were recovered.

Hardcore Naxalite sub-zonal commander Sunil Marandi arrested: Maoists surrender due to fear of the police.

Let us tell you, after the death of Naxalite commanders Sidhu Koda and Dinesh Pandit, the Naxalite organization had weakened in the area, later Naxalite commander Surang Yadav also surrendered due to fear of the police.

Not only this, Naxalite leader Suraj went to Munger district and surrendered due to the terror of the police.

In Tola Pahar village of Chakai police station area of Jamui district, Naxalites executed the incident in which father and son Arjun Hembram and Chatur Hembram were shot dead on the charges of being police informers.

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