Guchhi Mushrooms: The World’s Most Expensive Mushroom Found In Kashmir

Guchhi Mushrooms: The World’s Most Expensive Mushroom Found in Kashmir, Beloved by PM Modi.

Discover Guchhi Mushrooms, the world’s most expensive and naturally growing mushrooms from Kashmir. Learn why they captivate PM Modi and are cherished in gourmet cuisines worldwide.

Guchhi Mushroom: The world’s most expensive mushroom is found in the valleys of Kashmir, PM Modi is also crazy about it.

Guchhi Mushrooms grown in Kashmir are one of the most expensive mushrooms in the world. Whether Chanterelles, European White Truffle, or Yartsa Gunbu, these mushrooms are priced in thousands.

But Guchhi, one of the five most expensive mushrooms in the world, is found only in South and North Kashmir of India.

The special thing is that they are not grown but grow naturally. In English, they are called Morels, and in Urdu Guchhi, which is the hard-earned money of those living on the hills.

This is a priceless treasure of nature, to find it one has to make several rounds of the mountains.

When, where, and how are Guchhi found?

Guchhi mushrooms are found in March and April. During this time lightning strikes, clouds thunder and it also rains.

Let us tell you, Gucchi is found, broken dried, and sold in Aripal, a very beautiful village in the Pulwama district of Kashmir.

You will be surprised to know that good quality Gucchi is sold for up to 40 thousand rupees per kg.

In which cuisines is it used?

Although they are used in many types of cuisines like Chinese, Arabic, and Italian, it is most enjoyed in Kashmiri food.

You cannot get to taste the taste of preparing them in Pulao, or Korma, or by stuffing them in any other cuisine.


PM Modi is also crazy about the taste.

When Gucchi gets the company of other amazing flavors of Kashmir, then Pulao becomes even more delicious. It is said that it is one of the favorite vegetables of PM Narendra Modi.

In an interview, PM Modi also talked about its taste and qualities. These are made only for special guests on special occasions and are crazy about it not only in India but also in other countries.

This is the reason why this mushroom found in Kashmir is included in the menu of many big restaurants in the world today.

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