Devotees Have Unwavering Faith In Sheetla Mata Temple Of Haldwani

Devotees have unwavering faith in the Sheetla Mata temple of Haldwani, skin diseases are cured here, know the history.

Every year in Navratri, thousands of devotees reach the temple in Mata Sheetla Devi temple to have a darshan of Mata.

The belief of the temple is that whoever seeks the wishes of the devotee from the mother with a sincere heart, the mother definitely fulfills their wishes.

Mata Sheetla is also considered to be an incarnation of Maa Durga and this temple located in the Ranibagh area of ​​Haldwani is a Shaktipeeth.

Sheetla Mata is also considered a goddess to cure skin diseases.

Devotees have unwavering faith in Mata and come to the temple of Mata Sheetla every year in Navratri with their wishes. Not only the local people but devotees from far and wide come here to see the mother.

The belief of Sheetla Devi is associated with the mythological period.

There is a description of the Sheetlashtak source in the Skanda Puranas singing the glory of Goddess Durga and Mahadev Shiva.

There is also Vaidyanath, an incarnation of Adiyogi Shiva, in who he creates the diagnosis and remedy for every disease arising in the world.

The description of such diseases is found in these compositions, whose symptoms include skin diseases, cholera, anemia, and different types of fever.

Sheetla Mata is considered to be the goddess to cure skin diseases.

Girish Chandra, the priest of Sheetla Mata temple, says that people have unwavering faith in the mother and whoever asks for their wishes in the temple with a sincere heart.

The mother definitely fulfills their wishes. In Navratri, lakhs of people reach here to see the mother.

He told that to come to this temple to get rid of skin diseases, make your wish in front of the goddess, and soon the person gets freedom from all kinds of diseases.

How to reach Sheetla Mata Temple.

Sheetla Mata’s temple is located about 8 kms from Haldwani. Devotees can cover this distance on foot or with the help of a vehicle.

The nearest railway station from Haldwani is located at Kathgodam, about 5 kilometers away. Vehicles are easily available from Haldwani and Kathgodam to the temple.

After climbing about three kilometers from the main road, you get the privilege of seeing Sheetla Mata. This temple opens from 5 am to 7 pm.

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