Delhi Capitals Lost Both The Chances, KKR In Finals

Delhi Capitals lost both the chances, Rishabh Pant’s team could not take advantage of being in the top 2.

In the Indian Premier League (IPL) points table, finishing first and second has its own advantages, as the top two teams get 2-2 chances to reach the final.

However, Delhi Capitals could not capitalize on these two opportunities and got out of the IPL 2021 season.

On the other hand, the fourth-ranked Kolkata Knight Riders got a chance to reach the finals of the 14th season of IPL.

Actually, Delhi Capitals was on top of the IPL 2021 points table with 20 points.

In such a situation, it was believed that the team led by young Rishabh Pant would make it to the final, as the team had two chances to reach the final.

The top two teams get a chance to play both the qualifier matches to advance to the final, but in Qualifier 1 Delhi Capitals lost to Chennai Super Kings and in Qualifier 2 Delhi was defeated by Kolkata.

The top two teams in the points table have to meet in Qualifier 1 and the team that wins gets a ticket to the final, while the losing team gets a chance to play Qualifier 2.

Delhi Capitals lost both the chances: It happened with Delhi too, when the team clashed with Kolkata in Qualifier 2 after losing in Qualifier 1, all four got upset.

Rishabh Pant’s team could not survive on the slow pitch of Sharjah and Delhi’s team could score only 135 runs in front of KKR.

This is the third time since 2011 that the team has failed to reach the final after finishing in the top two. The surprising thing is that this has happened twice with the Delhi team.

Even in 2012, Delhi’s team was in the top 2 in the points table, but could not enter the final and now it has happened with the team in 2021 as well.

While in the year 2016, Gujarat Lions made it to the top 2, but Suresh Raina The team captained by K.K. could not make it to the final.

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