Chinese Defence Minister Was Very Anxious To Meet Rajnath Singh

Chinese Defence Minister was very anxious to meet Rajnath Singh, was ready to go to the hotel. Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fengi seemed more anxious to meet Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in Moscow. As soon as the Chinese side came to know that the Indian delegation was not very excited about the bilateral meeting.

The special message was sent from the Defense Minister of China that he was ready to meet at Rajnath Singh’s hotel. Bilateral talks were offered by China before the Indian team left for Moscow, but India gave approval 10 hours before the meeting. Sources from Moscow said that Fangi’s behavior in meeting with Rajnath Singh was quite balanced and that he was listening very carefully to everything.

China’s defense minister also said in his opening statement that he had made three proposals in the last 80 days to meet Rajnath Singh. Although Indian parties have not confirmed this, it means that even when Rajnath Singh went to Moscow in June 2020 to attend a ceremony organized on the occasion of the 75th Victory Day of World War II, China’s Negotiations were offered from the side.

Sources said that the body language of the delegation of both the countries was different in the meeting. On 30 and 31 August, the impact of the clash between the soldiers of both countries on the LAC was clearly visible on the Chinese side. This is the reason that pressure was increased on their behalf in Moscow talks. Second Defense Minister Singh’s body language was very positive from the beginning. He not only warmly welcomed Wei Fengi, but also responded to every question raised on his behalf.

Let us tell you that the Defense Minister of China himself has contributed more than 50 years to the army there and he is seen with great respect in the Chinese Army. During the meeting, Fangi described Rajnath Singh as a veteran politician of India. Rajnath Singh later held separate official talks with Uzbekistan’s Defense Minister Major General KB B Nizamovic and Tajikistan’s Defense Minister Colonel General Sherali Mirzo.

Singh has reached Iran after Moscow. His visit to Iran has very special diplomatic significance. Relations between India and Iran have become very tense in recent months. In view of the US embargo, India has completely stopped buying oil from Iran, in response, Iran has raised the Kashmir issue many times. In such a situation, India has tried to send a positive message by sending the Defense Minister to Tehran.

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