The Central Government Rejected The Allegations Of Congress

The central government rejected the allegations of Congress on government recruitment, this reply. Rejecting all the allegations being leveled by the Congress regarding the ban on the creation of new posts in government departments, the government has clarified that these measures will not affect the regular recruitments.

Regular recruitments will continue without any restrictions or deductions. It is known that due to the current financial situation due to Corona, the Central Government has prohibited the creation of new posts in all departments. According to a directive issued on Friday by the Department of Expenditure of the Ministry of Finance, this moratorium will be for all Ministries, Departments, their attached offices and their subordinate offices, statutory institutions, and autonomous bodies.

Congress got the issue with this directive from the Department of Expenditure. On this, Rahul Gandhi first tried to surround the government through a tweet and later Rajiv Shukla through a virtual press conference. At the same time, the government on Saturday cleared its position on the issue and threw out the Congress campaign.

The central government clearly said that due to this directive, regular recruitments are neither cut nor any kind of ban is going to be imposed. Recruitment from government agencies, Staff Selection Commission (SSC), Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Railway Recruitment Board, etc. will continue uninterrupted.

The directive issued on Friday by the Finance Ministry, it was said that if any department under the authority to create vacancies has taken up the posts to fill a post after July 1 this year without the permission of the Department of Expenditure and it is now If the post has not been filled then now that post will not be filled. If the vacancy department feels that it is necessary to fill that post, then that proposal can be sent to the Department of Expenditure.

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